Friday, August 24, 2012

Disposing Dwight update

We filmed some more today. A few weeks ago some actors went back home (a whole state away, so it means probably no reshoots). My family spent a week sick, then a few more weeks procrastinating and trying to find an available day for filming.

We’re almost done now. I’m going to edit what we have so far, and then decide which scenes will need reshoots (if possible). It's likely there are a few scenes we may have forgotten to film, too.

I’ve edited a teaser, but so far there is no complete trailer or any full scenes of the film yet. I would post the teaser on here, but I’m not sure how well the whole copyrighted-music-thing will go over.

I do have a few posters, as well as a couple more stills from the film to tide everyone over until the release. (Hopefully this fall-- trailer by early September.)
Possibly the tamest scene in the last four minutes of the film.
How you doin'?
Ready to rock