Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2 on set

Today was productive, as well as interesting, since we all could have died while I was setting up lights.

We started the shoot by filming some more of a scene that we didn't complete yesterday (we still didn't finish it today.) Then we set up a blue screen on my dad's car, since none of us actors can actually drive yet.

After some trial and error (and a crapload of tape) we got the screen secured.

We tried to crank the car for some air conditioning since it was a hundred degrees out and I didn't want my actors to all have heat strokes...but the car wouldn't start.

It reminded my of something from a horror movie, where the characters are being chased by a killer, and when they get in their brand new car, it all-of-a-sudden doesn't work.
Anyway, once we finally did get it to crank (you're supposed to jiggle the steering wheel), we prepared to shoot.

But then the wind blew my lights over.

They're these nice photography lights I got for Christmas, and I was annoyed that I lost one of them the first time I'd used it. So I went to clean it up, but then "Johnny" saw it, and, realizing that it was one of the swirly-florescent bulbs, informed me that it emitted toxic gas when broken, and mercury was poisoning our lungs at the very second.

Once we took care of the mess (my dad sweeped the glass up since we were all too scared to go outside) we started to shoot.

It took about an hour in all. A lot of buildup (about three hours, I think) for such a brief scene. But overall it was worth it, since I finally got to wear one of those awesome fake mustaches.

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